September 21, 2014

Anonymous said: Do you really think he enjoyed those tweets at all? That comic reads a bit like a leave me and my beard alone. He didn't even RT or use the hastag himself as if he had enjoyed it as he has done other times :S

I do think he enjoyed them, and if he had acknowledged the posts more overtly, he would be barraged with people running campaigns on him in future.  I could be wrong, but to me the comment was a way of his joining in the fun without encouraging people to include him more in the conversation.  I hope that makes sense. :)

September 21, 2014

Anonymous said: THANK YOU for the wonderful Frau post. Auto-sexualization of relationships isn't a plague on middle aged singletons only. I can't be friends with a straight man else I'm having an affair or go camping with my bff else I'm bisexual/gay (I was asked). A dear friend is the only woman on a bowling team & there's gossip that she's a slut. Adults can be close friends & not have sex. I tire of the faulty logic which 'proves' romance. And ultimately, what people do on their own is THEIR business.

I’m so sorry that happens.  I hope you can just ignore them!

September 21, 2014
Some Beard Recovery Goin’ On

Some Beard Recovery Goin’ On @RCArmitage and #OneBeardtoBringThemAll

So Richard Armitage graced us with some wisdom:


— Richard Armitage (@RCArmitage) September 21, 2014

Good thing today was the day of the beard for all of those women who needed a little hair of the… oh never mind.

A little, er, taste of #OneBeardtoBringThemAll:

To Mr. @RCArmitage & his beard. Joining in on RA Fans fun #SaturdaySurprise #OneBear…

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September 20, 2014
I Don’t Care If You All Have Heard This

I Don’t Care If You All Have Heard This #musicilove

Having trouble wanting to move, listen to this:

If you don’t want to move after listening, then you just may be dead.

My daughter and her friend have been dancing all over the house to this for hours, and SO and I finally joined them. We have now been dancing and laughing for the last couple of hours.

A song like this ought to…

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September 20, 2014
2011 Posts are Up

2011 Posts are Up More archives. #RichardArmitage

425417d8My kid is learning HTML and CSS (and eventually PHP and JQuery). She’s been hand keying my posts into archive pages, and boy is she learning how to move around with HTML. Phew! But I’m not about to tell her she can do this dynamically. If I do that, she’ll want to jump ahead when she needs the pain of doing links and other stuff manually. MUHAHAHAHA.

The point of this is not just so she can…

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September 20, 2014
Twitpic, I’m So Glad You’re Not Going Away

Twitpic, I’m So Glad You’re Not Going Away #RichardArmitage fans and Twitpic users, you can relax

twitpic-logoIf you don’t already know it, Twitpic was going to shutdown on September 25th, but the news as of Thursday is that they have been acquired. This means if you were getting ready to rush over to Twitpic to copy all of your photos, you can relax.

Nevertheless, you may still want to take a backup up of them. Instructions on how to save your photos without doing it manually are here.

Dear Twitpic,


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September 18, 2014
Timeout for Scotland

Timeout for Scotland no Richard Armitage in this unless there’s a connection I know nothing about.

1000px-Flag_of_Scotland.svgSo what will it be? Will the Scottish go it on their own or stay in the fold? I’ve heard some compelling evidence for both ways. My gut says they will not leave the fold as much as they would like to be a people unto themselves. My gut also says that no matter what happens today, the Scottish people will retain their independent spirit making this fight far from over.

And it doesn’t take…

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September 17, 2014
Timeout for a Timeout

Timeout for a Timeout #RichardArmitage

OnLocation-UrbanAtShedCrewtwitter-08Apr14Have you ever been so tired at the end of the day you didn’t care if you ate or bathed? You were like a homing pigeon focused on making it to a certain place, and that would be the bed? And you had to be focused ’cause you were so whipped that any distraction would have completely taken you off task?

Yeah, I know some of you have been that tired, and tonight I’m so there. My whole goal in the…

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September 15, 2014
Revving Up for Battle of the Five Armies #RichardArmitage #Hobbit

Several new banners for the final Hobbit segement, Battle of the Five Armies, are out. Go here for more.

Revving Up for Battle of the Five Armies #RichardArmitage #Hobbit

Several new banners for the final Hobbit segement, Battle of the Five Armies, are out. Go here for more.

September 10, 2014
Where does he get it?

Where does he get it?


Love this.

Originally posted on RAndom thoughts:

(for anonymity we will refer to the woman in question as N.)

So August 23 N. went to the Crucible. As you all may know, Richard’s parents were there. N. had enough courage to go over and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Armitage. (She was first in line and they were standing nearby) Here’s what she had to say about meeting our favorite Margaret and…

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